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To strengthen the bonds between colleagues and make good memories at work, nothing like a team-building. The pleasure of meeting you all together over a drink in the streets of Paris and in the open air..

Are you looking for a team building activity in Paris for the animation of a business seminar, a company evening or simply to join your teams during an afterwork?

Take advantage of the Big Bike Bar to gather your colleagues, foster cohesion and maintain team spirit in a context completely different from daily work.

Or maybe just the desire to have a good time with their teams, without any specific objective or challenges. Neither crowded places.

team building, afterwork, rolling bar

  • Demi Tour offers an unusual visit of Paris, stimulating, fun, ecological and completely new activity.
  • The Big Bike Bar is made for you, completely crazy, come pedal to the rhythm of your playlists in the Parisian streets aboard this Unidentified Rolling Object!
  • From 4 and up 11 persons, all tours include drinks and last between 30min and 1H30, but you can completely customize your event, time, route, foods, drinks and more.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us, everything is possible.
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