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When you are designated as bridesmaid or witness and therefore to organize a bachelorette party in Paris, we try a maximum to make this day awesome

This is opportunity to get together with girls et and make the most of this day as a single woman. The girl will definitely give up her status of single to become a lady!

A Mythical day that will remain, forever, engraved in the memory of the bride and the participants of the event.

You want to bluff them, surprise them? make them thick, and you especially want the future bride does not regret having chosen you?

Do you want to organize the most awesome bachelorette party in Paris? 

  • Demi Tour offers an unusual and original visit, fun, green and totally new activity in Paris.
  • The Big Bike Bar is for you, totally crazy, just pedal to the rythm of your playlist in the streets of Paris aboard this Unidentified Rolling Object!
  • From 4 and up to 11 persons, basic tours includ drinks and between 30min and 1H30, but you can completely customize your event, time, foods, beverages and more.
  • Feel free to contact us, everything is possible!
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